Entrepreneur, born in Madrid 49 years ago. Bachelor in Business Management and Marketing has always worked in the area of marketing invarious international companies both in England and Spain. He is currently the CEO of his own advertising control company.

He was diagnosed 20 years ago with ankylosing spondylitis, a painful rheumatic and chronic disease, that forced him to learn to manage situations like getting out of bed in the morning or sleeping sitting for five years because of the pain.

Living with the disease made him start swimming and facing challenges of swimming open water ultra-distances, such as crossing the Strait of Gibraltar in June 2013, the first person who manages this challenge with this disease, and again in June 2015 (very few swimmers have crossed it twice, none with a chronich desease).

In October 2014 he was detected with a malignant tumor from what he is already recovered, last July he to swam the 40 miles between the islands of Mallorca and Menorca, which until then only 8 people in the world had fulfilled.

Thinking that his testimony can help others to accomplish their challenges encouraged him to share his personal story.