The Foundation What Really Matters, hand in hand with Cuento de Luz, presents their series of short illustrated books for children

The Foundation What Really Matters presented this Christmas their new collection of short books for children, edited by Cuento de Luz, independent publishing house of literature for children, which publishes stories to let the imagination flow, contribute to take care of our planet, respect the differences, remove frontiers and promote world peace.

This collection of books is a dream come true for the foundation because with them we can reach out to an even younger public and spread the values amongst the youngest in the families.

The release of this collection starts with three illustrated albums, each with a different story, full of values such as effort, team work, personal growth and optimism. The protagonists of these three tales are Rafa Nadal, Honorific president of What Really Matters Foundation in Palma de Mallorca as well as López Lomong and Pablo Pineda, both speakers in past congresses organized by the foundation.

This release is set in the framework of the Foundation’s tenth anniversary and answers to the social change produced by the strive for a better education. We promote changes in the education system through which we can form better professionals that also have the necessary values to create a more compromised and proactive society.

This collection of short books can be found in the big bookstores as well as in Amazon, FNAC, El Corte Inglés, Casa del libro and in the online stores of What Really Matters and Cuento de Luz. The price for each book is 14,90€