In 2014 MALDITA NEREA has received the prize Algo más Q 1 canción for the theme “MIRA DENTRO”, a theme that entitles the fifth record work of one of Spain’s most cherished and important bands. “The most valued thing in a person is seldom seen”, summarizes Jorge Ruiz – singer and composer of Maldita Nerea – about the song. He is an artist associated immediately with positive thinking, personal self-improvement and authenticity. Maldita Nerea was present in many of the most moving moments during the Congress, when Jorge Ruíz appeared to collect the prize at the event, and was welcome with a roaring applause by the audience.

The objective is to make people think about what really matters.

In a video produced by GEMA LOZANO, popular figures, such as ex-model SANDRA IBARRA collaborate showing their more committed attitude within the Foundation she presides, along with THIBAUT COURTOIS, a soccer player from Atlético de Madrid team.  The FUNDACIÓN BERTÍN OSBORNE has also collaborated.

This video is also supported by the MARIA DE VILLOTA family who has granted the use of images of this sports-woman where she appears interacting with children from the Foundation she supported and which made her feel really happy.

Algo más que una canción

In 2008 the What Really Matters Foundation started up the Award ‘Algo más que una canción’ (More than a Song), granted to young participants at our congresses.

The Award is given to a positive song, with good feeling and that transmits values such a solidarity, optimism and hope.

Since then, many the following song themes have received the Award: ‘Personas’, from the El Canto del loco group;  ‘Celebra la vida’, by Axel and Bustamante; ‘Ay Haití’ by Carlos Jean; ‘Dame vida’ by Huecco and ‘Si me pusiera en tu piel’, by El Pescao.