Year 2014

This year we have chosen a very special location, as it is directly related with one of our speakers, Lucia Lantero.

We want to support her project named Ayitimoun Yo by participating with volunteers who, during July, are able to get involved in training and educational work with children attending the center and its surrounding area.

What is Ayitimoun yo?

Ayitimoun yo was created in 2010 as an initiative created by Alexis Derache and Lucía Lantero. They visited Haiti with the intention of participating on a course in permaculture and reforestation. During their stay there, they had the chance to get to know the hardships many homeless Haitian children confront daily. They then decided to create a Welcome Center to cover the vital needs of these children. Presently, the school Works with over 60 full-board children, but it also helps and supports children from nearby villages.

Song of “Ayitimoun Yo” children have given the Foundation Lo Que De Verdad Importa

Years 2012 – 2013

During 2012-2013 our Foundation has maintained contact with the “Padre Luis Monti” School in Bata (Equatorial Guinea), where we have developed during the last two summers, an international cooperation project with Spanish volunteers who lived and worked in the center during three weeks in July.

These volunteers, coordinated by Foundation members, and supervised by school teaching staff, performed the following activities:

  • Support lessons to center students
  • Training workshops
  • Leisure and cultural activities
  • Support Workshops for center
  • Weekend field trips and outings