The Course for Entrepreneurs of the Fundación Rafael del Pino and the What Really Matters Foundation, celebrated its first edition in May 2013, at the headquarters of Fundación Rafael del Pino in Madrid, with great success and results.

During this event a platform jointly created by both entities was presented:

Pau Garcia-Milà and Lluís Soldevila are responsible for teaching techniques to acquire skills on how to generate good ideas, validate and prepare them for those participating in the course, so they may put them in practice; give public accounts of their ideas, and prepare a good launching campaign to help them approach that aim which makes us sleepless at times: success.

The format, far from being a conference, includes student real-time participation through Twitter and other networks, as well as the reproduction of the multimedia contents and the projection of graphs and documents that participants may later download for their study and use.  Apart from this material is handed out to every participant to facilitate the generation of ideas and the course follow-up. Pau Garcia-Milà’s new book, You have an idea is also handed out.