The Foundation’s international expansion is already a reality

The extraordinary work performed by the Foundation’s Delegate in Latin America, Ms. Carolina Barrantes, has been quite fruitful. In March 2012, we celebrated our first international congress in Quito (Ecuador). Over 1,500 young people had the chance to listen to the impacting testimonies of Jaime Jaramillo, Miriam Fernández and William Rodríguez. We were able to feel here the same atmosphere as in our congresses in Spain. We have continued growing in 2013, with two new congresses held in Mexico, exactly at San Cristóbal de las Casas and Mazatlán. In this last city there were over 4,000 young participants filling the city’s Congress Hall. Up to date it has been the congress with more participants attending of all those we have organized. In October 2013, we celebrated the second edition of our Quito Congress. Speakers then were Jorge Font, María Belón and Wilson Merino. We had the support of the local Jesús Divino Preso Foundation as an ally foundation.

New cities, new speakers, new young participants, but the same emotions, the same effort and need to improve and grow. To sum up, a will to acquire values. Following our program to spread values and reaching the greatest number of young participants as possible, we have hold a congress in Lisbon (Portugal) in the first trimester of 2014, and we will celebrate the first edition of our Bregenz (Austria) Congress in November 2014. We are also working to organize acts in other nations. We will keep you updated of our activities and our international expansion.