Jennifer Teege

"What really matters is truth."

Antonio Rodríguez (Toñejo)

"The worst of life is to lose it,
not sit in a wheelchair"
Antonio Rodríguez suffers from paraplegia and is an extreme athlete.

Alexia Vieira

"What really matters
is to help each other always."
Founder of the NGO Khanimambo working in Mozambique.

Josef Ajram

"Sometimes you have to sacrifice the level of personal effort and adapt to the team,
so that you can reach the finish line together"

Lucía Lantero

„Das Glück ist eine natürliche Konsequenz davon, seine Werte zu leben”
Junge Entwicklungshelferin, Direktorin eines Waisenhauses in Haiti.

Amuda Goueli

"Where you are is not important. It is rather what you do."
He is the associate founder and CEO of, one of the five top online travel agencies in Spain.

López Lomong

"We are all destined to use our talent to change the lives of people."
He is one of the Lost Boys of Sudan. He was a victim of the Second Sudanese Civil War.


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